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Following in the tradition of George Brummell for perfectly fitting and tailored, individually made garments, George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London aims to be the iconic bespoke tailors of the 21st century.

George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London specialises in bespoke suits, overcoats, blazers, field-sports clothing/suits, wedding wear, and other formal attire for all special occasions, including customised uniforms.

All our George Brummell fully bespoke garments are individually handcrafted to the same high standard found in Savile Row without compromising make or quality and our work remains consistent throughout. A minimum of 60 hours is solely devoted to the making of a two-piece suit that is almost entirely tailored by hand.

Our bespoke tailoring director is Andy Livingston who was born in 1962. He is the fourth generation of his family to be a bespoke tailor. His formative years were spent learning from his late father George Livingston, who ran the only Scottish company to win the prestigious Tailor & Cutter competition in 1954 (beating all the Savile Row tailors.)

It was through these competitions in London where George met multiple winner Ted Glazebrook who later offered Andy Livingston an apprenticeship in his firm.

Following this, Andy worked on Savile Row for legendary cutter, Edward Sexton (Nutters' of Savile Row). Through working with Edward, Andy has had the opportunity to travel and work with many high profile clients, including members of the Royal family.

Our George Brummell bespoke cutter is Frank Byars who was born in 1953 and started to learn the bespoke tailoring craft in Scotland at the young age of 16. At the age of 20 he moved to work in Savile Row London and continued his apprenticeship honing his skills working under the much admired craftsman/tailor/cutter, George Craddock.

During the last 42 years working in Savile Row, Frank has worked for a number of highly respected and well known tailors such as Huntsman, Dege & Skinner, Denman & Goddard and the famous designer Tommy Nutter.

Frank has had experience in senior managerial roles, including leading a team of tailors, as well as extensive work in the USA working with a large number of prominent clients. In the UK, Frank has fitted dress uniforms and formal robes for clients such as the Prince of Wales, peers in the House of Lords and officer cadets at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He has also worked closely with many famous actors and musicians, such as Elton John. Frank’s extensive experience and tailoring skills have brought him into contact with many other prestigious clients, such as the Royal Court of the Sultan of Oman, and throughout the world in Europe and Russia.

George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London only employs experienced coat and trouser makers who are highly skilled in their trade. They have been making bespoke garments for politicians, celebrities and members of royal families for many years.

George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London symbolises quality and style

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