George Brummell History

George Brummell, the Englishman of Fashion known as "Beau" Brummell and famous for his friendship with the Prince of Wales (later King George IV), was the undisputed leader of fashion at the beginning of the 19th century. From his early years, George Brummell paid great attention to his dress. As a result of his friendship with the Prince of Wales and his own good taste in dress, he became an iconic figure of men's fashion in the UK.

George Brummell was born in 1778 in Downing Street, London. He created the then fashionable style of men’s dress, with perfectly fitted and tailored individually made bespoke garments. This look was based on dark coats, full-length trousers rather than knee breeches and stockings, and, to complete the look, immaculate shirt linen and an elaborately knotted cravat.

George Brummell is credited with introducing and establishing as fashion the modern men's suit, worn with a necktie. Tailoring has been associated with Savile Row since the 19th century, when George Brummell, who epitomised the well-dressed man, patronised the tailors congregated on the Burlington Estate, notably around Cork Street. By 1803, some were occupying premises in Savile Row.

In the late 20th century, a well-respected writer once described George Brummell as the godfather of modern men’s fashion. The changes George Brummell made directly led to an increase in demand for fashionable men’s clothing in the 19th century. He opened up a new field of men's fashion suits, and that influence can still be seen today.

George Brummell's name became associated with elegant style and good looks, and he gave advice to the future King George IV on how to dress. Following in the tradition of George Brummell for perfectly fitting and tailored, individually made bespoke garments, we are proud of our British bespoke tailoring expertise and excellence. George Brummell Bespoke Tailors of London aim to be the iconic bespoke tailors of the 21st century.

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